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Manufacturing and Procurement

Equipment Manufacture

At present, the production center of our company has a production capacity of 8000 sets per year, more than 500 excellent skills and high comprehensive quality staffs works at the production lines. The equipment is complete and the processing and manufacturing equipment is superior. In the production line ,core devices such crushing ,grinding and magnetic separator are manufactured independently and other attached equipments equipped with the main products of domestic top enterprises for a long time, with high cost performance.

Equipment procurement

With a mature and compete procurement and supplier management system, HUATE MAGNETIC has established long-term cooperation relations with Influential and excellent suppliers in the industry. HUATE MAGNETIC can purchase equipment and materials for the construction and operation of the beneficiation plant, including but not limited to excavators, loaders, bulldozers, dressing equipment, water pumps, fans, cranes, plant matching materials, installation and maintenance tools, laboratory equipment, spare parts, dressing plant consumables, modular houses, steel structure workshops etc.

Packing And Shipping

In order to ensure the equipment can arrive at the dressing plant in good condition, HUATE MAGNETIC adopts 7 packaging methods such as Nude packing、Rope Bundle Packing、Wooden Packaging、Snakeskin Bag, Airform Winding Packing、Waterproof Winding Packing and Wood Pallet Packing to avoid possible damage during transportation such as collision, abrasion and corrosion etc.

According to the characteristics of international long-distance maritime transportation and post-shore transportation, the design packing types are wooden cases, cartons, bags, naked, bundled and container packing.

In order to find the goods as soon as possible during installation process and reduce workload of on-site lifting and handing ,all kinds of cargo containers and large nude packing goods are numbered, and the mine site is required to be unloaded at the designated location for the convenience of handing, lifting and searching.

Packing And Shipping
Packing And Shipping1
Packing And Shipping3